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  Unit 1 Mdule 11

  Careers and sills

  Useful wrds and phrases:

  1. reflectin 考慮, 深思

  be lst in reflectin 陷入沉思中

  n reflectin 經再三思考

  2. be suited t 合適,適宜

  1) suit t 使與……相適合

  Eg. A gd teacher suits his lessns t the age f his students.


  2) be suit t 適合,適宜

  Eg. D u thin David is suited t teaching?


  3. in realit 實際上,相當于in fact

  Eg. The salesan alwas appeared ver cnfident, but in realit (in fact), he was a sh and nervus ung an.(L11)

  4. baggage/luggage 行李(不可數) a piece f baggage/luggage

  5. waitress n. 女服務員 waiter n. 男服務員

  6. supprt vt./n. 支持,支撐,贍養,供養

  be in supprt f sb./sth 支援某人/某物

  He has a large fail t supprt. 他要養一大家子的人。

  7. criticis n. 批評 criticize v. 批評,指責

  8. appear vi. 看上去,顯得

  Everne appears (t be) well prepared.

  It appears t e that---據我看來---,似乎

  Eg. It appears t e that he lied.

  9. thic-sinned ad. 厚臉皮的

  10. The are als under huge pressure t appear ung and beautiful.(L17)

  under pressure 在壓力下

  Eg. i desn't wr well under pressure.

  11. The d nt cnsider the stress and pressure that ce with these bs.(L24)


  ce with 伴隨…與發生

  12. In cntrast, se peple find re unusual bs that are better suited t their talents and interests.(L29)


  in cntrast 相比之下

  13. …but the are as essential as water t ur sciet. (L40)

  be essential t / be essential fr


  Eg. Mne is nt essential t happiness.

  14. …and cleaners wh clear up ur rubbish.(L44)

  1) clear up 整理;完成;收拾

  Eg. Wuld u clear up this r befre ur visitrs arrive?

  2) 解釋;尋找答案;使明了

  t clear up a isunderstanding


  3) 了結;結束;變緩和

  Eg. I hpe ur trubles clear up sn.


  4) 天氣放晴

  Eg. The weather has cleared up sn.

  15. g abut sething 繼續做某事

  Eg. All the eplees at the cpan are ging abut their business as usual despite the threat f banruptc.

  16. gain weight 增肥 lse weight 減肥

  17. substance 物質,實質

  in substance 本質上, 大體上

  18. drag-dragged-dragged 拖,拽,拉

  drag sb. int ding sth. 是某人勉強做某事

  drag ut 拖延(時間)drag ut a eeting

  19. apprach v. 對付,處理, 向---靠近 n. 方法

  Eg. apprach a prble 處理問題

  apprach the ene’s ship 靠近敵人的船

  a crrect apprach t the subect 研究這個問題的正確方法

  20. deterined ad. 堅決的, 決議的

  be deterined t d sth. 下定決心做某事

  21. ideal n. 理想 ad. 理想的

  realize ne's ideal 實現最終目的

  an ideal place fr caping

  22. rganize v. 組織 rganizatin n. rganized ad. 有組織的 rganizer

  23. crrespnd with 符合, 一致

  24. real(ad.)真實的realit(n.) 現實realistic (ad.) 現實的,實際的

  25. eweller [總稱]珠寶, 鑲嵌有寶石之飾物(不可數)

  a piece f eweller 一件珠寶

  eweler 珠寶商

  26. in detail 詳細地

  27. chew n 考慮(P5)

  Iprtant sentences:

  1. Se bs a see ver dull but are ver iprtant t sciet, while thers can appear ver exciting but are actuall ver difficult and bring.(P2,L6-8)

  while 在此處解釋為“而”

  2. When chsing a career, u shuld cnsider all the aspects f a b.(P2,L6)

  3. Se bs see ver dull------(P2,L7)

  While thers can appear ver exciting------(P2,L7)

  The are als under huge pressure t appear ung and beautiful.(L17)

  Man have painful surger t ae their faces and bdies l re attractive.(P2,L19)

  4. In realit, these peple------,with all their baggage paced in suitcases.(P2, L12.)

  5. All these peple lve their bs, which ight nt be ppular, but are interesting regardless.(P3,L39)

  6. If there was n ne letter clearl chsen st, l at the tw st frequentl chsen.(P14,L30)

  7. These peple tae great pleasure in influencing, persuading,---(P15,L52)

  8. These peple are talented at adinistratin, lie t wr ---(P15,L57)

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